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This page will cover how to navigate Danmakufu's menus and play the game. Like the Touhou games themselves, it has enough English that it isn't difficult to figure out.

Playing the Game

Playing Danmakufu is like playing any of the Touhou games. The object is simple, but not necessarily easy; dodge all enemy bullets while returning fire. You lose a life each time you are hit. You can use focus to move slower through dense fields of enemy fire, and focusing will often change your shot to make it more effective against bosses as well. If you find yourself in a tight spot, you can use a bomb to clear the screen and make yourself invincible for a short while.

If you like you can try to play for a high score; the primary methods of scoring are to "capture" enemy spellcards by defeating them without dying or bombing, and by collecting blue point items, which defeated enemies will drop. The higher on the screen you collect them, the more they are worth; you can auto-collect all point items by moving near the top of the screen for maximum points.

Of course, any of the basic game mechanics could change depending on the script you're playing.


Basic Controls

These basic controls can be mapped to a gamepad in config.exe (you might need to use Windows 2000 compatibility mode to get config.exe to run).

Arrow keys - Navigate menus, move character

Z - Confirm, shoot

X - Cancel, bomb

Shift - Focus

Ctrl - Skip text

Esc - Exit menu, in-game menu

Advanced Controls

PageUp - Increase game speed

PageDown - Decrease game speed (but not below normal)

Space - Fast forward

R - Return to title

Backspace - Reset script

Home - Save screenshot (NOTE: Danmakufu has trouble processing colour that are too dark, or if the default background is seen. See to the right for an example. Look closely above the spellcard's name - glitched graphic can be seen, though it is quite transparent in this example.)

P - Pause game

Alt+Enter - Toggle fullscreen

F12 - Close Danmakufu

Debug Controls

I - Invincibility / U - Cancel Invincibilty

F - Increase lives and bombs to 5 each

H - Damages enemies (10% life per press)

Default Scripts

Danmakufu comes with a handful of sample scripts starring EX-Rumia. These include 5 spellcards, a boss fight that includes all of them, a very short stage that ends with that boss fight, and a player file to allow the player to play as Rumia.

Danmakufu also has four "built-in" player characters; two modes for Reimu, and two modes for Marisa. Because they are built-in, their scripts are not accessible, unfortunately.

Downloading Scripts

If you have a script for Danmakufu that you want to play, simply put it in the "scripts" folder in your Danmakufu directory. Note that within the "scripts" directory you can use any sort of subfolder system you like; Danmakufu will still be able to see it.

Downloading Players

If you have a player script for Danmakufu, simply put it in your "player" folder in your Danmakufu directory. This should allow you to use that character in any of your scripts (unless the script specifies only certain characters that can be used).

Title Screen

-All - This will list all playable scripts (spellcards, bosses, and stages) in the Danmakufu directory.

-Single - This will list all spellcards.

-Plural - This will list all boss fights.

-Stage - This will list all stages.

-Random - This will choose a random script for you to play.

-Directory - This will allow you to browse the "scripts" directory and manually choose the file you want to play.

-Quit - This will exit Danmakufu.

Script Selection Menu

Each of the script menus navigate the same way.

-You will be given a list of scripts to choose from.

-Upon choosing a script you can choose to either play it, or watch any saved replays you have of it.

-If you choose to play it, you will then choose which character to play as.

In-game Menu

The in-game menu is accessible by pressing Esc. It's in Japanese.

-First option - Return to the game.

-Second option - Return to title screen.

-Third option - Return to script menu.

-Fourth option - Retry the script.

Game Over Menu

You will be given the option to continue or not (the first option contains the English word "Continue", so it should be easy to tell which option is which). Note that when you continue you cannot save a replay.

Save Replay Menu

If you finish a script or get a game over and choose not to continue, you will be given the option of saving a replay. Choose the top option to save a replay or the bottom one to decline. If you choose to save a replay, you will first choose a slot to save it to (there are ten slots), then choose a name for the replay.

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