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This is a list of some tutorials to help you learn how to do specific things in Danmakufu or improve your general skills.

Easy Tutorials

Danmakufu Basics Tutorial by Blargel

Basic Bullet Patterns (Tutorial) by MCXD (Under Construction)

Normal Tutorials

Nuclear Cheese's Drawing Tutorial

Nuclear Cheese's Shot Object Tutorial

Danmakufu Intermediate Tutorial by Naut and Iryan

Wonderful☆Life's Introduction to Menus by ChaoStar

Hard Tutorials

Nuclear Cheese's Effect Object Tutorial

Azure's render target tutorial

Offsite Tutorials

MotK's Tutorial Index

Sparen's Danmakufu Tutorials (A variety of different topics, only covers basics and some techniques)

  • Also contains a detailed Error Message compilation, although dated since ph3 now supports error messages in English. Most pages will link you to my ph3 tutorials site here