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This is a list of tutorials to help you get started or guide you through Danmakufu ph3.

Video Tutorials

Danmakufu ph3 video tutorials (playlist), by Helepolis. Cover only a few topics but helpful.

Danmakufu ph3 video tutorials (playlist), by Sparen *These are meant for learning how to build specific patterns. They assume that you have watched Helepolis's video tutorials and/or have read Sparen's Danmakufu ph3 Tutorials (below)

Written Tutorials (On the Wiki)

Miransu's EV USER Guide

Sparen's 0.12m to ph3 Transition Guide *Useful for those with general Danmakufu 0.12m knowledge

Sparen's Basic Ph3 Item Tutorial *For those who want to spawn items but whose items never appear for some reason. Requires basic understanding of Miransu's EV USER Guide.

Written Tutorials (Offsite)

Danmakufu for Easy Modos by CK Crash *Incomplete but contains relevant examples and explanations of various helpful concepts

Sparen's Danmakufu ph3 Tutorials *Assumes no prior computer science knowledge. For quicker links, Bulletforge guide located here and Youtube (for Danmakufu videos) uploader compilation located here

Using FileArchiver.exe *By Sparen

Commissioning Artists Guide for Danmakufu Creators *By Moogs Parfait. Very helpful for those who need custom art.


Sample Danmaku Scripts

How to Write Scripts

0.12m/ph3 Function Equivalents